Huge, overwhelming paintings on buildings get our blood pumping! It’s a gust of fresh air in cities dominated by concrete, glass, and corporate ads. Some murals demand us to just stop and gaze... To let it all sink in. 

Recognize this feeling? Does that make you question what you have just witnessed?

You are not alone. And that’s why we succeeded in connecting passionate street art hunters all over the world to document art in every city. We want the world to know where to find these gems and the stories behind them.

We make this happen by building the most advanced, easy to use and comprehensive street art collection in every city on this magnificent planet.

If you feel the same urge as us, we are here to share our platform.

For Artists

  • Showcase your artworks and build a bigger fan base.
  • Access new walls and cool projects across the globe.

For Hunters

  • Effortlessly document the love for Street Art in your city.
  • Be part of a network of hunters all over the world.

For Tourists

  • One spot to find information about street art in every city.
  • Explore every city through its Street Art.

The Street Art Cities app

  1. A quick overview on all public artworks in the area.
  2. Detailed background information on the artist, the story, and it's location.
  3. Like and collect street art to plan your next trip through the city.
Thousands artworks live in a hundred cities and countries.
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Who's behind this?

This is the team that creates the most comprehensive Street Art Collection known to mankind. 

We work closely with all of our hunters around the world. They are responsible for the beautiful pictures and background info in each and every city!

Core team

Bart Temme

Bart Temme

Business lead

Tim Marschang

Tim Marschang

Community manager

Thomas Schoffelen

Thomas Schoffelen

Development lead

Ahsan Fazal

Ahsan Fazal



Advisory board

Ana Ramalho

Ana Ramalho

Legal advisor

Malene Sabinsky

Malene Sabinsky

Product Advisor



Artist advisor

Our partners

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