Explore cities through Street Art.

“Art is nothing if you don't reach every segment of the people.” Keith Haring

Huge, overwhelming paintings on buildings get our blood pumpin'! It’s a gust of fresh air in cities dominated by concrete, glass, and corporate ads. Some murals demand us to just stop and gaze... To let it all sink in. Recognize this feeling? Does that make you question what you have just witnessed?

You are not alone. And that’s why we succeeded in connecting passionate street art hunters all over the world to document art in every city. We want the world to know where to find these gems and the stories behind them.

We make this happen by building the most advanced, easy to use and comprehensive street art collection in every city on this magnificent planet.

If you feel the same urge as us, we are here to share our platform.

Street Art Cities connects Tourists, Artists and Street Art Hunters.

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Who's behind this?

This is the team that creates the most comprehensive Street Art Collection known to mankind.

We work closely with all of our hunters around the world. They are responsible for the beautiful pictures and background info in each and every city!

Sanne Gijsbers
Jūratė Šepetytė
Communications intern
Jules Beckers
Bart Temme
Ahsan Fazal
Mobile developer
Tim Marschang
Thomas Schoffelen
Platform developer

Want to talk?

Please hit us up with cool questions or schedule a 10 minute skype meeting with one of our team members. Also don't forget to follow our progress on Instagram.

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