Grenoble Street Art Fest 2018.

A collaboration between French artists Maye & Momies.
Maye is on the way to become a big star in the street art scene.
Momies sprayed all the cords in the bottom.

Maye loved the narrow wall because he likes to works with long characters.
The work represents someone who is trapped in all sorts of stuff, for exemple we all fight time and we never have enough time. That's the reason why there are so many watches in the painting. The guy is also filled with tatoos, these are winks to the festival, the volunteers, friends of the artists etc.
Besides that you can also see symbols refering to Grenoble, like the bottle of Chartreuse and the nuts. Maybe the wire cutter represents the fact that Grenoble is known for bike stealing or is it a nod to the more vandal ways for spraying graffiti.


Created on June 26, 2018
12 Rue des Bains, Grenoble, Frankrijk
Hunted by Robin Goudket.
Pictures by Andrea Berlese.

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Date created2018-06-26T22:00:00.000Z
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