Barge: In September 2019, a 100-year-old dredger boat that worked the Leeds-Liverpool Canal was transformed into a work of art by Benjamin Craven and Jenny Beard. Brought together by In Good Company and supported by Yorkshire Design Group, they used a mish-mash of colours, patterns and techniques. Though different, the two were perfectly paired – the geometric order of Craven’s work is given new freedom by Jenny’s natural fluidity.

Grey Heron: Peter Barber is a fine artist and modern mural painter working UK wide. He specialises in spray painted figures, photo realism and murals. His personal work is at home outdoors, alongside other street artists and graffiti artists. He was commissioned to paint the Grey Heron mural in June 2019, and the Mural is designed to appear and disappear as the river level rises and falls throughout the year.
Created on May 31, 2019
11-15 Wharf St, Leeds LS2 7EY, UK
Hunted by Gareth Brown.
Pictures by @99countries.

Marker details

Camera usedSony J8210
Date created2019-05-31T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CountryUnited Kingdom