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Let us show you around this awesome town with its 708 street art masterpieces.

Øistein Jakobsen

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Recently added artworks

TrasséWrestlerColabThe Under Walk in OlsvikFrida KahloDreams of Greener PasturesColabKatten og GuttenCreation 2.1StormBybanenNserOut to dryThe Young Fire ChiefFakertenBuntFossilt DaukjøttThe Z House Mural - Future ArtUlrikenHookingGreen illusionOnline / Off lifeSuperduckLoveglideLoveglideHappiness is only real when sharedNorwegian PrimaLets talk GRASS!JA til snop hver dag! (Yes, candy every day!)The skier (Johaug)Fixed crackWindy sportersAC/DC - the dogs puls and the drones powersupply) Wooo-hooo! Voss!Nøkkeljenten (kid with the keys)Edvard GriegEg e`ikkje fra Norge....Lygekryss Be aware!FOD-sniper!Fire on H90Beste storebror!  (Best big brother ever!)Tractor eggsLets talk JOY!Emotional Resque, Marilyn etc etcUIB - communication dep. (project)The Big Laugh (project)IKEAs underground...SVADA (and more..)

Our favorite places

Fyllingsdalen VGS – The projectKLUS - The ProjectHop Elementary School - The ProjectColab at Haukeland - The ProjectFauskanger II - The ProjectSteinkjeller gatenFauskanger I - The projectVossamarknaden - The ProjectIn Remembrance - The ProjectDanmarksplass - The under walkDPS Kronstad - The ColabPeppes Pizza - The ProjectMannsverk - The Surrealistic AquariumLitteraturhuset - The ProjectHerdla Fortress - The ProjectSlåtthaug Vgs - The ProjectGirl Jam 2021The ColabThe Tunnel at MøhlenprisSKUR14 Inside - The ProjectSKUR14 TSRB - The ProjectSKUR 14Graffiti spot / Skating parkGraffiti spot / Skating parkLEGAL WALL - Sentralbadet
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