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Let us show you around this awesome town with its 24 new artworks or maybe one of the other 35 street art masterpieces.

Pompei Street Art Festival

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Recently added artworks

“Growing together"“Klonisms Enchanted Garden” “Ancient Bird from an Ancient Civilization”“Blind Reflexes”"Sostantivo femminile"“Love is the Key”“Anatomía de un volcán”“Ogni cosa a suo tempo”“Resilient”“Non c’è tempo per la guerra”"Capitalipsis Now""Rinascimento""Tempus""Partenope"“Extincteur dansant""Dancing Faun"“Divine Light & The Sacred Guiding Fire”"Pompei City Vortex""Lost and Found""Largo Maradona""The War""The Reading Dive"“Ancient Obsession”"Guarda il cielo minaccioso""Pompei""Cratere"“Sirena””Sin Nombre”“Nemo Tibi Amat ““E Vulcano Natus”„Il segreto di Stabiae””Burden”“Le sirene ed Ulisse”„Color a la ceniza”Untitled„Post fata resurgo”„Lo  Scultore”Cat„Flora”„Throwup Stabia”„Acque di Stabiae”“Ricordo”„La Madonna dei Rifugiati”"The Thermopolium"“Rinascere””Recall & Afresh”"Mitos Metálicos"„Maradona archeologico””Renasci”“Attimo”
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