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Let us show you around this awesome town with its 7 new artworks or maybe one of the other 130 street art masterpieces.


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Recently added artworks

Take me to the Planet XShpaolinCity loves youBirdSk8 or dieKioskBirdCheering up KnežijaFirestation TrešnjevkaInspired by Julije KniferNap in the ForestA Melody from a Past LifeSolidarityEmpathyParrotsLittle DragonFlegma (Breakfast in Bed)Little ZagrebDachshundImam GrifSurogatAfrika.rt muralWiener ZmajstoriJedan na jedanFoxGrifMultiple FriendshipsMurtić 100"You turn me on"FilmFish ForwardJimi HendrixDino DvornikSpockGrifFear and Loathing in Las VegasJohn LennonAzra"Museum for everybody"Ernest FulirFranjo ŠafranekBlue SonjaThe SimpsonsHermann BolléCat cityMarija Jurić ZagorkaDarth VaderIvo RobićSpock

Our favorite places

LaubaThe University of Zagreb Student CenterAbandoned hospital BlatoStreet Art Apartment
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