Created on August 5, 2021
HP - Hrvatska pošta, Prilaz baruna Filipovića, Zagreb, Kroatien

Marta Dijak, Marta Katavić, Una Küttenbaum

Murtić 100

Under the mentorship of painter Fedor Fischer and according to his sketch inspired by Edo Murtić's work, three students from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts realized a mural measuring 9.5 x 15 meters on the post office building in Prilaz baruna Filipovića. Edo Murtić was one of Croatia's most famous contemporary artists and to celebrate his 100th birthday, several outdoor art interventions and exhibitions were organized during 2021.

Marta Dijak, Marta Katavić, Una Küttenbaum—Murtić 100

Hunted by Doris Baric. Pictures by Doris Baric.