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The Heartbeat of the OceansNever too late to... Bernardin of Siena immortalizeHold your bannersCitizenA glimpse of ParadiseInformation Bubbles Užupis dream tree UntitledUntitled"Ivanas Muša Gongą"Stotis District Wall GalleryNew speciesDuckThe Meeting Point The Wise ManThe Man from the Trade District The SalesmanTritonFree NinoWormholeHey baby, let's make all the mistakes we always wanted to makeWinnie-the-PoohLeading (re)generation The Paper BoysA nest for the birds of thoughtUntitledUntitledFollow your dreamsGeorge MaciunasI see youLet's Play for FreedomMother of the FestivalPortraitsFreedom of human beingTūsomobilisUntitled "Rebel heart"UntitledLukiškės PrisonSelf-portraitThinkLiubartas BridgeThe grumpy side of the moonAdnoPYLIMO 64DRUJOS
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