Created on November 22, 2020
open gallery, Vytenio gatvė, Vilnius, Lietuva


Artist himself tells briefly where this work came from and what it is for: „At close range, each person is different, but when viewed from a distance, they become equal. But while similar in mass, each of them is a citizen, which is the basic cell of the state. Without citizens, there would be no state. A citizen is a state. Lithuania has been enjoying freedom for 30 years thanks to its citizens, who were not afraid and said “NO” to the foreign regime. On the occasion of all our birthdays, I wish you joy and pride in your country. The time alone would not be to look to the past, to cry or moan over hardship, but simply to rejoice, be proud, create, change and change. After all, we have done and have so much. And we can do even more. It's just going forward.“
Martynas Ivinskas—Citizen
Hunted by Gatvės meno galerija Kristina.
Pictures by Kristina Kurilaitė.

Marker details

Date created2020-11-22T23:00:00.000Z
Camera usedHuawei EML-L29
Marker typeartwork