Created on November 3, 2018
Olimpiečių gatvė, Vilnius, Lietuva

George Maciunas

Here is a portrait of George Maciunas (Jurgis Mačiūnas) - a Lithuanian American artist. He was a founding member and the central coordinator of Fluxus - an international community of artists, architects, composers and designers. Fluxus’s spirit of rebellion against the commercial art market, elitism, and the conventions of both art and society had its roots in Dada, Futurism and Surrealism. With their work, the Fluxus artists pushed art well outside of mainstream venues like galleries and museums. Their informal, spontaneous, and often ephemeral pieces were not only difficult to collect and codify; they were also sometimes hard to recognize as art. 
Found at the riverside of Neris, near Žirmūnai bridge.
Paparazzi—George Maciunas
Hunted by Gatvės meno galerija Kristina.
Pictures by Kristina Kurilaitė.

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