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'Untitled''Untitled''Serpent''Puffin''Untitled''Untitled' (ramblings)'Untitled''Untitled' (Woman in Puffin)'Untitled' (Fish in a teacup)'Summer Scribbles' 'Ólavur Riddararós''Red Bull''Untitled''Untitled''Untitled''Royal Tórshavnagen''Støðufuglar' ('non-migratory-birds')'Untitled'Untitled ('Sleeping, Giant, Rolling Mountains')Untitled ('Hugging in grass')Untitled ('Victim')'Má Ferin Jú Økjast'Untitled ("Raktangi")Generations and generations'Støðufuglur' ('Non-Migratory-Bird')'Untitled' ('Toilet-Art')'Yummy''Tarv' ('Bull')'Untitled''Untitled' (Byggja á herðarnar hjá øðrum)'Untitled''Untitled' (Skøkja/whore)'Untitled''Untitled''Untitled' (Kim and Trump shaking hands)'Untitled''Rams head''Út-Sýni' ('Out-Look')'Untitled' (Girl with balloon)'Untitled' (High kick)'In The Palm Of Hand''Seyður' ('Sheep')
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