Markers tagged with attribute Camera used


Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey Wheatpaste
George Gist, Kyle Holbrook
Martin Luther King Jr. Mural
Jeremy Raymer
Bear and Eagle Park Mural
Jeremy Raymer
Small Boy Park Mural
Jeremy Raymer, Matt Gondek
Demeter Park Mural
Kyle Holbrook
Salem's Market & Grill Building Mural
Oliver Lake, Than Htay Maung
Jazz House
Shepard Fairey
Obey Propaganda Paste Up
Lucas Stock, Doug Brunner
Colorful Mad Mex Mural
Kyle Holbrook, S. Pilster, T. Clinton, M. Cocco, R. Smigel
Oakland Mural
Will Schlough
Shoefitr Mural
Atomic, T. Adoki, Lucas Stock
Iron City Bike Shop Mural
S. Barton, T.C. Clayton
Remembering West View Park
Carolyn Kelly
Troy Hill Loves Mural
Baron Batch
Another Day In Paradise
Baron Batch
Eat The Day
Baron Batch
Baron Batch
The Perfect Imperfections
Baron Batch
Everything The Light Touches Is Yours
Liberty Beer Animals Mural
Jeremy Raymer
Wholey's Squid Mural
Jeremy Raymer
50s and 60s Musicians Mural
Jeremy Raymer
Magneto Mural
Mark Runco
American Flag Mural
Jeremy Raymer
Lina Cavalieri Mural
Kelsey Montague
What Lifts You
Kyle Holbrook
Lunasea Mural
Shepard Fairey
Obey Propaganda Paste Up
Bordalo ll
Recycled Raccoon and Preying Mantis
Hebru Brantley
Stay Woke Flyboy
John Maurice Muldoon
Greeting Pittsburgh
Unknown - Pittsburgh
Sonny's Tavern PBR Mural
Unknown - Pittsburgh
Elvis Presley Automotive Garage Mural
John Maurice Muldoon
Pittsburgh 200 Years Mural
Joktan Faulk
Candy Mural
Gerry Tonti
Jeremy Raymer
Joker House Mural
Jeremy Raymer
Hedy Lamarr Mural
Gerard Tonti
Ashley Hodder
Flowers, Birds and Bees Mural
Anthony Purcell, Cheonae Kim
Cadaques 2004
Jeremy Raymer
Panther Mural
Allison Watkins, Owen Venesky
Dinosaur Remains Mural
Unknown - Pittsburgh
Vintage Coca-Cola Murals
Kyle Holbrook, Olga Brindar, Eddie Rawson
Park Scene Mural
Kyle Holbrook
Penguins Autism Mural
Monique Luck, Leslie Ansley
Life in Motion
Tarish Pipkins
Davu Ayomi
Baron Batch
Stay Woke Rooster
Judy Penzer, Jill Watson
The Bride of Penn Ave
Yuri Von, Shane Pilster, Molly Dorrance
Pennsylvania Macaroni Company Food Themed Mural
Unknown - Pittsburgh
Star Shaped Flowers Mural
Berry Breene, Micci, Eddie Rawson, Gene B.
History of Jazz Mural
Than Htay Maung, Khet Mar
The Pittsburgh-Burma House
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh Fox Way Mural Project Mural
Matt Spahr
Matt Spahr Fox Way Mural Project Mural
Baron Batch
The Color Park
Brian Holderman
Yesterday's Tomorrow
Bob Freyer
We All Can Change
Jeremy Raymer
Garage Bird Mural
Jeremy Raymer
HR Giger inspired Gene Tierney Mural