When Bloom was dedicated, SoPghReporter.com wrote that the cherry tree represents Mount Washington with downtown Pittsburgh in the shadows. They state that this mural was part of Mt Washington’s efforts to become a greener, more eco–friendly community. They quote Greg Panza of the Mt Washington Community Development Corporation as saying the mural’s natural theme truly softened the hard surfaces of the built environment of our business district and serves as a tremendous enhancement to the entrance of Shiloh Street from Grandview Avenue.

Contrary to what you might think about the cherry tree–Washington connection being the reason they chose that particular design, Gerry Tonti explained in a Trib article by Rochelle Hentges that cherry trees were native to the area before the steel mills destroyed them. The community wanted to go green, had plans to plant real cherry trees, and wanted to get away from any kind of industrial theme.

Created on January 1, 1970
123 Shiloh St, Pittsburgh, PA 15211, United States
Hunted by Corey .

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Camera usedCanon EOS REBEL T4i
Date created1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CountryUnited States