Davu Ayomi

Poet and hip–hop artist doesn’t seem nearly enough to describe Davu Ayomi based on the bio we found for him on the Toronto Urban Music Festival site. That said, we found very little information on line about him. This mural by Tarrish Pipkins tells us more about this poet than the internet did. Mr Pipkins’ website describes this mural simply as portrait and poem of my main man davu.

After we posted the above, Davu contacted us with the hint to google Davu Flint for more information. With that insight, we discovered that his talents go beyond poetry and include music, art, and acting.

A Pittsburgh native with a musical heritage, Davu Flint performs with his own ensemble and has several collections of music released. You can download Up the Down Staircase on line for free. In an interview with Confessions of a Curly Mind (COACM) regarding copyrights and music sharing Davu is quoted as saying please take my music wherever you can find it. spread the word. tell ya Moms. please.

His poetry can be found in the book Black Futurists Speak: An Anthology of New Black Writing.

He is involved in Hip Hop For Change, who’s philosophy is that Hip Hop stems from the roots of artistic, creative, and militant demands for justice and the acceptance of diversity in all its forms. Through this history, we must realize that our culture can be liberated with the voice of a community. They are against a lot of what the music industry pushes as mainstream hip hop. Instead of promoting violence, drugs, and hate, Hip Hop for Change asks artists to use hip hop as a tool and a positive cultural exchange in several ways. Their goals are admirable and their approach is refreshing.

These are just a sampling of the many artistic venues that Davu Flint uses to express his thoughts and feelings. He is also quoted in the interview with COACM with saying inspiration is where u (sic) find it. He seems to find it everywhere.
Created on January 1, 1970
5430 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Hunted by Corey .

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