Born in 1991
Sibu (Malaysia)
Kuching (Malaysia)

I am Kong Chak Kiong, you may also know me as my artist name, ‘Jagung’. Born in 1991, I am a travel artist and self-taught artist from Malaysia. My art medium is spray paint and my styles are 3D realistic objects and portraits. Since 2015, I have been learning murals painting by myself. I love to travel around the world to paint as many walls as possible. Traveling replenishes my mind, body and soul, it also inspires me artistically when I learn about new places and cultures. Without any tertiary education, I broaden my horizons with new knowledge and experiences from traveling. For me, traveling is like painting a portrait. I enjoy spending time observing every little detail of the environment and people around me. What I enjoy the most is the process when I perfect every detail in my mural. Starting a mural from scratch, playing with the warm and cool colours and gradually turning it into a 3D mural gives me a great sense of accomplishment. If you notice, I like to invert the colors in my mural so that the whole composition looks less boring, I call this my ‘showstopper’ technique. I always keep an open mind to opinions and criticisms on my murals and enjoy connecting with artists to improve myself on my journey of painting. Learning is an endless process and it is important for my personal growth.

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