About This Girl

In this mural, I've eschewed complex techniques in favor of a clear message. The resplendent golden hornbill perched upon the girl's head symbolizes Sarawak, a nod to my roots in Sibu, which I proudly promote abroad. Despite the nascent state of our local art scene, my love for my hometown is unwavering; after all, personal and communal growth are symbiotic. Adhering to the adage that true quality stands out regardless of the setting, my art has piqued the curiosity of many. My ability to create detailed murals in an environment devoid of formal training or guidance has even earned me the label "you're crazy man". I refrain from delving into the complexities of using spray cans here, but it’s an exceptionally challenging medium.

The spray cans depicted in the mural signify my unique approach as an artist who forgoes traditional tools for spray water, mastering every detail with unparalleled precision—a process both painstaking and enthralling for a perfectionist like me.

"About this Girl"

She is a Sibu native and a beacon of positivity in daily transactions. Our story began with routine counter service, where her radiant smile and genuine warmth shone through. Such sincerity is a treasure in our community, and through her, I aim to portray the essence of courteous service.

During a candid conversation, her values and outlook were profoundly admirable. Despite her youth, her perspectives were mature. She believed in making the best of one's circumstances, maintaining a pleasant demeanor with customers, understanding the ripple effect it has on the business's success and, by extension, on employee welfare.

I see in her the same drive that once propelled me—ambition untethered by societal expectations of dependency or conventional paths to happiness. She strives to excel on her own terms, believing that personal growth is the cornerstone to meeting a partner of equal caliber.

Proudly Sibuian, my journey has taught me the nuances of the artistic arena and the importance of continual self-improvement. Though my realistic style is not universally lauded in Malaysia, I stand by it, knowing that in Europe, it's revered and synonymous with skill. This mural stands as a commitment to evolve my craft, anticipating the European art scene's embrace.

Created on August 19, 2022
18 Thomas St, Waterford, X91 A213, Ireland
Hunted by Willem Groen.
Pictures by Willem Groen.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon PowerShot SX740 HS
Date created2022-08-19T23:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork