Blacksmith's Way Stairs

Elizabeth's signature style is amazingly intricate and detailed complex repeating patterns, often in a mandala style, often with a floral theme. I find Elizabeth's work quite mesmerising and beautiful and this set of stairs in Blacksmith's Way, Belgrave is no exception. 

Much of this piece was painted at night in the dark and cold, due to the people traffic on the stairs during the day, it was a demanding and difficult task, but the result is stunning. 

This piece was a part of a larger project to refresh Blacksmith's Way, organised by Graffstreet Projects. 
Created on October 22, 2023
Blacksmiths Way, Belgrave VIC 3160, Australia
Hunted by Andrew Haysom.
Pictures by elizabeth.gleeson.artist.

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone 13 mini
Marker typeartwork