Urbaner KunstRaum Wuppertal - Edition 2023: Astro is a French street artist. Self-taught, he made his first graffiti in 2000 in the northern suburbs of Paris. During his early days, Astro favoured lettering and “wildstyle”, a very complex graffiti style where the letters are intertwined. He then moved towards an abstract expression that mixes curves, geometry and calligraphy. Astro is inspired by artists such as Hartung, Vasarely or Mucha while evolving within a universe whose contours he himself defines. Through his technique, his play of shadows and his sense of perspective, Astro creates works in which optical illusion is king, a true contemporary trompe l’oeil. 
Created on September 17, 2023
Bachstraße 17, 42275 Wuppertal, Deutschland
Hunted by street_a_tag.

Marker details

FestivalUrbaner KunstRaum Wuppertal
Date created2023-09-17T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedSamsung SM-G990B2
Artwork typeMural
Artist nationalityFrance
Festival linkhttps://www.urbaner-kunstraum.de/
GalleryWalls of Wuppertal
OrganizationWupperOne929 UrbanArt
Marker typeartwork