Because Art Matters helped JAX bring her longtime glorious vision for this stunning display of flowers and gold. It's a 14m-high mural celebrating the Victorian practice of Floriography, a kind of cryptic communication that speaks hidden meanings in the form of flowers.

The Flowers celebrated:
Camellia — longing for you
Dahlia — commitment
Forget-me-not — forget me not
Honey suckle — devotion
Ivy — fidelity and attachment
Orchid — eternal love and commitment
Orange blossom — eternal love
Pansy — you occupy my thoughts
Rose — love
Tulip — I declare my love to you
Created on April 7, 2022
R. de São Bento 644, 1250-223 Lisboa, Portugal
Hunted by Greg Sherwin.
Pictures by António Azevedo.

Marker details

Date created2022-04-07T00:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork