In 2010, the idea for the Muzej ulične umjetnosti MUU (street art museum) came alive to revitalize different city districts, especially the suburbs. It was probably the first such museum in Europe and organized exclusively by volunteers, although it is not a museum in the original sense of the word. The term Muzej ulične umjetnosti (street art museum) is a paradox in itself, given that most pieces are actually free for everybody to see, not located in a closed building nor are they tangible. During their first year, the MUU gathered artists from all over Croatia to repaint the wall in Branimirova Street. The project moved to the suburbs Dugave in 2011, resulting in over 30 murals from local and international artists, while their work continued in Siget in 2012, having issued the permission to paint the walls of the neighborhoods that were built during Yugoslavian era. The fourth MUU was held in an abandoned military hospital, which is today closed for the public, while in 2015 the MUU issued an online catalogue and eBay exhibition, being also its last project so far. 

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Created on March 10, 2011
Školski prilaz 3, 10000, Zagreb, Kroatien
Hunted by Doris Baric.
Pictures by Doris Baric.

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Camera usedCanon EOS 550D
Date created2011-03-10T23:00:00.000Z
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