“Growing together"

This mural portrays two faces with various local symbols of the past and present, such as the pasta, the wolf, and amphorae, in vivid colours, utilising a combination of expressionism, abstractionism, and cubism painting styles. 
"I'd like to illustrate a colourful world in which we meet, eat together, live together, listen to and learn from each other while respecting the past in order to create a new future." – Bona Berlin 
Bona is her name, and she is from Berlin, Germany. She is a street artist who paints heads in a wide range of forms and colours, in diverse techniques, and on a variety of surfaces. Her work contains murals, paintings, and installations. Her main concentration is on one-of-a-kind faces that combine cubism, expressionism, and abstract techniques. Her paintings are as unique as each of us, emphasising diversity as an essential factor. 
Created on February 1, 2023
Via Lepanto Traversa Campo Sportivo, 2, 80045 Pompei NA, Italia
Hunted by Estera Balintfi - Pompei Street Festival.
Pictures by KAOS48.

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone 13 Pro
Marker typeartwork