Goldmine 2021 - A bear

In 2021, Wallin' invites artists to Ghent for their 'Graffiti Goldmine'.

This is what the artist told about it:
'I initially wanted to make this painting way more bold. But after having the tenant being like super surprised I was painting her side wall it left me a bit confused. She lived there for over 40 years and wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon.
In the original sketch the bear would have carried a stick with a bag hanging from his shoulder and a necklace of 12 ears. I made this sketch with the information that the neigborhood is multicultural and 'harsh'. I chose a bear because it often portrayes a misunderstood entity in stories etc. The necklace of 12 ears would represent the flag of the european union, it supposedly stands for harmony and unity while practising capitalism and neo-imperialism on a daily basis. all and all, the painting represents an often misunderstood person looking for a safe space to be. It came from a place destroyed by our capitalism yet we fail to see that bigger picture and really listen en see what's right in front of us.
Anyway, the tenant who was and older lady told me she didn't experience the neighborhood as being a bad one. She did acknowledge the change over all those years and added that it is pretty normal for the world to change over time. amen to that!
So I dont't know if I did right by flattening the mural in boldness and colors and I don't know if it matters as it did not seem the right wall to add such a message.'

A project by Wallin' vzw with support from stad Gent.

Created on August 3, 2021
Malachietstraat 1, 9000 Gent, België
Hunted by Ferdinand Feys.
Pictures by mural: Simian Switch - pic: Ferdinand Feys / Ghent Street Art.

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