Fintan Magee is one of the most uprising artists of contemporary painting.
What makes him special is his combination of Street Art and Expressionism and that is what we get, facing "Boyhood". Fintan is known for his way of creating art. He gets inspired by people and topics that face the world (immigration, nature, politics etc.). In his mindset, everybody has a story to tell, so people are the perfect "object" to include in his works. His Mural for the ArtWalk-Saarbrücken is a time travel to a journey to the Libanon. There he took a picture of a boy playing with bow and arrow and for the wall in Saarbrücken, he changed  it just a bit. A boy from Saarbrücken had to pose for the same picture - and then he drew him! Simple and perfect! 

Just a short side information. It took a while getting the right spot and wall, because the condition of the wall was bad in the first place. But in the end it worked out and is one of the most impressive murals of the ArtWalk-Saarbrücken

Take a closer look and see how he incorporated the old advertisement into his mural. Pure Love! 
Created on August 28, 2017
Mainzer Straße 62, Saarbrücken, Deutschland
Hunted by Julien Brengel.
Pictures by Julien Brengel, Julien Brengel .

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Date created2017-08-28T22:00:00.000Z
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