Hunter Terms of Use

1. Accepting our Terms of Use

Please read carefully, we’ve tried to write it as easy as possible. If you do not agree with this content, you should not use our website, app, forum and anything related to Street Art Cities. We would love to welcome you of course, so if you do use our website, app or forum, you agree with these Terms.

We also love to work on this with cool people that respect other people’s work, so by using our website, app, forum, you totally love our community guidelines and vouch to respect them.

2. Changes in Terms of Use

We have the right to change these Terms of Use at all times. This could be because of new laws or insights or better even; new features you ask us to develop. We will stamp a date on this document whenever something is changed. Not only that, but we will make sure to write on the forum about it, or put in in the newsletter for every registered user to see. The new version of the Terms of Use will be active 6 weeks after you received an email about it. If you want to stop using our website, app and forum because of updates on the Terms of Use, let us know in an email to If you don’t send such email and keep using the website, app and forum, you will have accepted the most updated version of the Terms of Use.

3. Our Platform

As a matter of fact, we are a hosting service. It doesn’t sound too cool, but technically, that is what we are. Registered users can upload, share and interact with images, video, text, location info and other forms of content, that we will host. Other users of the platform can also interact and use content provided by users. All features and tools that we develop are part of that platform and will all assist in uploading, interacting and sharing of this content. However, most of these features work automatically. We do not monitor or check compliance of the uploaded material with copyright or other applicable laws. We trust our users to not infringe upon others’ intellectual property laws. Should you be a right holder and believe that your rights have been infringed by any uploaded content, drop us an email at, and we will remove the content or disable access to it.

We totally facilitate (and encourage) contact between registered users and others to contribute to healthy discussions about anything related to Street Art Cities.

Therefore, users of our platform are allowed to share content outside our platform, but only when (1) mentioning the name of the content creator and artist who created the content and (2) not modifying the content in a way that prejudices its author´s honour or reputation.

If you are a content creator using our platform to upload your content, you also agree to these terms of use of your work and authorise users to share your work in the aforementioned terms.

We will update our platform with new tools, sources and features constantly. Especially if you keep surprising us with new ideas on how to improve.

4. Your account on Street Art Cities

You are not obliged to register if you want to use our platform. Certain services and rights are exclusively for registered users of course. If you register on the platform you punch in your personal valid email address, real name, username and password. We need to register this data in order to provide the service that you are asking for by registering on our platform. But your email address and private information will not be shared with anyone. Absolutely not. Unless you ask us. And even then we will double check. We will only keep this data for the time necessary to ensure our service. If you want to check, modify or delete this data you can simply send us an email with your request to

You are solely responsible for keeping your username and password a secret. Also, you are responsible for every activity done on the platform under that username, regardless of whether you gave permission to do so. So make sure your grandma, your friend or your dog doesn’t log in and post pictures of flowers, cats or beach holidays in Spain.

If you forgot your username or password, or if this is stolen, or if you think others (third party) had access to your account, we want you to let us know by shooting us an email to and change your password as soon as possible.

We have the right to delete offensive usernames. We also have the right to (temporarily) disable your account if we see offensive activity, or if you have actively been participating in or initiating activities that could interfere with our community guidelines, interfere with the copyright law, or other laws and or rights of other users.

You can delete your account at any moment by emailing Although we hope you wouldn’t.

5. Using the Street Art Cities Platform

If you register to use the platform and you accept and behave according to our Terms of Use and community guidelines, Street Art Cities grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable licence to:

  1. Upload, post or keep content available if allowed by law, our Terms of Use, and our community guidelines;
  2. Create, view and edit walking and cycling routes;
  3. Collect and view badges;
  4. View anonymous usage statistics;
  5. Add news and pages;
  6. View and search artworks, artist profiles and city information;
  7. Share, follow and like users and content;

By using all our sweet stuff, you acknowledge to have accepted these Terms of Use and you agree to the fact that we will always have the right to temporarily or definitely deactivate your account if you infringe these conditions. Basically, we want you to use our tools in the way we intended it to be used, and with respect to other members, without stealing or copying content, or anything else stated in the community guidelines.

6. Content Policy

Users of Street Art Cities upload several types of data to the platform. Besides images and description texts, users supply contextual information about artworks, including title, geolocation, address details, artist names, dates and status information (“Metadata”).

When you post Metadata to the Platform, you grant (and confirm you have the right to grant), to Street Art Cities B.V. an irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide licence to publicly display and distribute this Metadata in a way that enables us to run the Platform and operate our business. Subjects to the rights you grant, you retain full ownership over this data.

When you upload images and description texts to the platform, you license (and confirm you have the right to license) this content to Street Art Cities and others under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. This means that others are free to use and display your works, as long as they give you appropriate credit for the original creation of the work. It also means that derived works created from yours should carry the same license.