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Let us show you around this awesome place with its 38 street art masterpieces.

Kees Huijer (iphonekees)

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Count your blessingsKorfbalUntitledAnimals of the dunesPractice makes perfectBirdsUnknown Destinations  Flowers for a Sad GirlTribute to BanksyThe Girl with the Pearl EarringPeuzelaarsteegUntitledHet KantoorBeautyHaaai!Positive vibrationTunnelartTunnelartThe KnightBirdsCycleWelkomBridge art = bridgal? Hou vol! (Hold on!)Uncertain JourneyFutureAll the present is foreshadowedPolynesianHeritageGlobal SewingFantasySpace MeesCast your own starsGirl in Blue and Pink
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