Rianne te KaatClaimed

Born in 1993
7071 Ulft (Nederland)
8181 Heerde (Nederland)

Rianne te Kaat, professional 3D streetpainter, has six years of experience with the 3D Street art technique, also known as anamorphic art. These are ground and wall paintings that can be seen in 3D from a single viewpoint. They are optical illusions. In addition, she also makes (3D) digital works that can be printed life-size, she gives workshops at primary schools, highschools, universities and she has also written and illustrated a children's book. In 2017 she founded her own company under the name “Rianne te Kaat”. Many of her works can be found in her home-country and abroad, for companies, schools, municipalities, events and shopping centers. In addition, videos and photos of her works are shared in newspapers and on social media. In this way, its customers also get a lot of offline, but also online reach. Rianne believes it is important to continue to develop and therefore likes to take on a new challenge. Whether this is a painting on a ship or car or a painting of a completely new size. Before her work as a Street Artist, Rianne worked as an Industrial Product Designer for five years. Her technical background as an engineer helps her to construct the most challenging 3D designs. In addition to all the creativity, entrepreneurship and contact with customers and people on the street also suit her very well. “I work alone a lot, but on the street I have the most comical to most impressive conversations with people!” “Starting for myself has been the most exciting, but definitely the best choice of my life. It is fantastic to see that others enjoy my work and like to go on a picture with it.” Follow her work on instagram, facebook or her website riannetekaat.com

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