Oriol ArumiClaimed

Born in 1972
17500 Ripoll (Espanya)
Lleida (Espanya)

Oriol Arumí began his artistic career as an illustrator at a young age. He made the transition to oil painting while studying Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. A lover of nature, for over twenty years he painted countless landscapes, as well as portraits and works that straddle the line between realism and fantasy. In the last twelve years, coinciding with his move to Lleida, he has made the leap to mural painting. Oriol Arumí's murals have a great visual impact, with a very realistic style, designed to grab the attention of citizens and make them reflect. They give voice to minority groups, promote healthy lifestyles, recover historical memory, convey surprise, culture, and joy, and ultimately reclaim spaces that were once part of nature but have been transformed by consumerist human activity into drab, ugly, and monotonous places.

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