El Compromiso de Caspe

The 1412 Compromise of Caspe (Compromiso de Caspe in Spanish, Compromís de Casp in Catalan) was an act and resolution of parliamentary representatives of the constituent realms of the Crown of Aragon (the Kingdom of Aragon, Kingdom of Valencia, and Principality of Catalonia), meeting in Caspe, to resolve the interregnum following the death of King Martin of Aragon in 1410 without a legitimate heir. 

Mural made with plastic paint and sprays during the 2023 Festival  @galeria_cincuenta700
Created on October 2, 2023
C. Diputación, 33, 50700 Caspe, Zaragoza, Espanya
Hunted by New User.
Pictures by Oriol Arumí.

Marker details

Camera usedNikon D7200
Marker typeartwork
CityLa Cerollera