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Born in 2003
Pasajes (España)
Pasajes (España)

As Nexgraff, better known as NEX, I'm an artist from Pasaia, Gipuzkoa in the Basque Country, renowned for my striking street murals. My graffiti journey began at 13, where I honed my signature on school notes, fueled by the anticipation of using a spray can. The first time I picked up a spray can was with a classmate at a local skate park, an event that set the course of my artistic journey. An unforgettable twist came when my father recognized my 'NEX' tag on a van, thanks to the unique 'x' in my name, Nextor. This led us to a shared experience in a graffiti workshop, sparking our collaborative mural painting journey. Over time, my style and techniques have matured, allowing me to craft original works, with my own photographs and digital tools playing a key role in the final design process. Though I value planning, I always make room for spontaneous creativity, knowing the full beauty of the final result comes alive on the walls.

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