Lily BrickClaimed

Hi! I'm Lily Brick, and I was born in Lleida 32 years ago. From a very young age, I began to show an interest in design and the arts in general, and this led me to study Advertising Graphic Design. For five years, I worked as a designer for different companies and organizations, developing my skills and learning about other areas in the design world. With some experience gained, I became head of a printing company, managing staff, resources and directly coordinating its design area. After two years at the head of this printing company, I began to explore new ways of channelling my artistic concerns and, during that search, I discovered spray. Within a short time, my hobby became a profession and commissions began to arrive. My first works were in Lleida’s public gardens and in the outskirts of the city, where I spent a few weeks developing my hobby. The discovery of these works by curious observers in the midst of rural places led to the beginning of my trade and my first commissioned mural. Images of my works quickly spread on social media and soon went viral, which made my art begin to become widely known. 8 years later, street art has become my trade. More than 300 works in very different parts of the world bear Lily's signature. Among the most notable pieces, it is worth mentioning the large murals that I've made in Penelles, Juncosa, Granadella, Alcarràs, Tremp, El Cogul, and also numerous other muralism projects in Barcelona, Martorell, Ferrol, Malaga or Murcia, where I exhibited at the Museum of contemporary art (MUBAM). I have the mark of having made the largest mural in Spain, made by a single woman. A brand that I recently surpassed again with the mural made in Nou Transport (Lleida), with a surface area of 750 m². In 2017, I began the internationalization of my career in France, with my participation in the Hotel 128 project. Subsequently, multiple projects emerged, among which I highlight murals in Gambia, at the European Space Agency in Holland, at the Artscape Festival event in Sweden, Techfest IIT Bombay in India, at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg (Germany), The Hague Street Art Festival in Holland and lately in Happy Walls Festival in Saïdia (Morocco). With my murals, I work trying to make visible empowered women with strong and intense gaze. Since my introduction to the world of street art, the main techniques that I have developed have been spray, acrylic paint, brushes and rollers.