Large wall in Belem's region celebrating Portugal 25th of April also known as Freedom Day or the 1974 Carnation Revolution. It is one of the most important dates in Portugal's history. The day where an almost pacific military led coup d’etat put an end to 48 years of dictatorship. This revolution was massively supported by the Portuguese people and paved the way to democracy being reinstated in the country.
To celebrate this event one of Portugal’s best known graffiti crews @thunderscrew painted this awesome, large wall in Belem. Hard to convey how amazing all the different vignettes are. Unbelievable!
One of the portraits represents one of the most important personalities of the revolution, considered a hero by many, the Captain Salgueiro Maia. Another portrait represents the military that has an important role that day and ensured that the coup happened almsot without a single shot being fired.
The Thunders Crew are:
Created on April 24, 2022
Av. da Índia 160, 1449-003 Lisboa, Portugal
Hunted by Movie Scientist.
Pictures by MovieScientist.

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Camera usedApple iPhone 11
Marker typeartwork