Wall for Myanmar

Together with over 160 people from the Burmese community in Switzerland and worldwide, Cup of Color created a 16×19 meters wall mural for Myanmar between March and April 2022. The mural is an interplay of messages and sketches that were sent to the collective via email, WhatsApp or Instagram and a grieving woman with the 3-finger gesture – the symbol for human rights, democracy and freedom.
With the picture, we make room for the pain and through the joint creation and the opportunity to create such a picture in Zurich, we send a strong sign of hope and solidarity: "You are not alone!" 
There is a 12min documentation portraying the whole process.

In the beginning of the year, the lower part of the wall got overpainted. Cup of Color decided to restore it with the help of a few Myanmar refugees by painting a big "MYANMAR" tag over it. 
We made this wall not for us, but for those who deserve it, because they stand up against injustice, because they have never given up believing in justice, for those who have already lost hope, who suffer from death and destruction, from homesickness and guilt. That is why we have chosen to restore them. In the hope that this time it will last longer.
The suffering in Myanmar continues, friends in Myanmar and outside we have not forgotten you!

Created on October 23, 2023
Sihlquai 119, 8005 Zürich, Schweiz
Hunted by tobiasweinhold.
Pictures by Tobias Weinhold, Thomas Kubig.

Marker details

Artwork subjectWoman, Social Justice, Community, Peace, Hope
Marker typeartwork