SKUR 14 consists of three main projects. Two legal and one illegal. It started illegal with the stencil of Joy on the south western corner. This lead to the legal project on the inside which started winter of 2017. This again to the legal project on the outside. All this leading up to the whole building being targeted and decorated. 

The legal one on the outside covers northern, eastern and southern wall. This project is what locals call SKUR 14 project with the actual name SKUR14 TSRB which has painted in accordance with arrivals of the Tall Ships Race in Bergen back in 2019. The illegal on the outside which is the western wall – is an “ongoing project”. 

Both legal projects at SKUR 14 have been organized and managed by StreetArt Bergen.
This is a shot of the building before it got painted. The building itself looks like a flying saucer and is easily spotted from the other side of the harbor. 
Holbergskaien 1, 5004 Bergen, Norge
Hunted by Øistein Jakobsen.
Pictures by Øistein Jakobsen.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon EOS 5D Mark IV
Marker typehall_of_fame