Eekhoorn - Squirrel

The grey walls that demarcate the sports square on the Hemelhof domain in Bornem were brightened up with graffiti.
The Edegem artist SMOK has applied enlarged images of animals that live close to our neighborhood. 
"I love working with images of animals. Around the playground there will be enlarged images of animals," says SMOK. 
"In the meantime, an image has already been ready: that of a frog. And there will be a squirrel, a mouse, an otter and also a narwhal on the walls. The narwhal has become world famous in Bornem since this spring. The toothed whale washed ashore near Wintam's sas. It was the first of its kind to be spotted in Belgium. That is why the narwhal should not be missing on the walls of Hemelhof." 
We work with many colors. That brightens up the grey walls a bit and it is also fun for children who come to play and play sports." 
Created on September 11, 2023
Hingenesteenweg 13, 2880 Bornem, België
Hunted by Tony Gielen.
Pictures by Tony Gielen.

Marker details

PhotographerTony Gielen
Marker typeartwork