Paulo Carvalho

Author of one of the songs that served as the slogan for the 25th of April is honored on the facade of a building on the corner of Rua António Patrício and Avenida de Roma, observed a few meters away by the also immense mural dedicated to the singer.

A work that contemplates Alvalade with a “duet”, since the one who observes the immense painting closely is Simone de Oliveira, immortalized on the facade of the building next to the new mural .

The homage to the performer of E tarde do adeus , winner of the 1974 Festival da Canção and, alongside Grândola, Vila Morena , key song for the 25th of April, is part of the Inesquecíveis Gallery , an initiative of the Parish Council of Alvalade to stamp the effigy of great Portuguese artists on murals around the neighbourhood.

The artist was invited by the honoree himself. “He called me and said he'd like me to paint his face on the building's façade”, recalls Tamara Alves, 39, an Algarve woman from Praia do Carvoeiro who has been spreading her art around the country's walls abroad for 13 years.
Created on October 5, 2022
R. António Patrício 2, 1700-049 Lisboa, Portugal
Hunted by Tim.

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Camera usedOnePlus 10 Pro
Marker typeartwork