All the present is foreshadowed

Munir de Vries prefers to work outside, where he creates large works inspired by local stories. During the art route "Sporen door Oost" in July 2023, the artist went into the neighbourhood from the Kapsalon Foundation. Through workshops and conversations they elicited stories from residents. Themes that emerged were loneliness, positive self-image, the train and war history of the neighbourhood, but also a natural view of the future of the neighbourhood. The work shows two figures: one is mainly connected to the past while the other is focused on the future. They do not see each other, but in reality they are very close to each other. The murals are located on the corners of Nagtzaamplein and Feithstraat. The title; 'All the present is foreshadowed' comes from the poem 'New Year's Song' from 1805 by Rheinvis Feith. Haarlem's art policy focuses on expanding the city collection with new contemporary works of art and art forms, including murals. New murals are an important addition to art in public spaces. They bring art into people's living environments in an accessible way and increase the attractiveness and liveability of a neighborhood and strengthen the identity of neighbourhoods. The Culture policy department of Haarlem has made these murals on Nagtzaamplein possible. Realized in a collaboration between 37PK Platform for the Arts, the Kapsalon Foundation and Elan Wonen. This mural was chosen as nr 10 in Streetartcities October selection worldwide.

Created on November 17, 2023
Nagtzaamplein, 2032 SV Haarlem, Nederland
Hunted by Kees Huijer (iphonekees).
Pictures by Kees.

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