MSF - Médecins Sans Frontières

A StreetArt Bergen Project.

In 2022 StreetArt Bergen and artist teamed up and join the TV Auction in collecting funds for MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières). Artists donated art, pro bono, which was auctioned off. All funds went to MSF. 22 artists participated.

Graffiti and street art have an “illegal” foundation in which the owner of a building or wall do not know what they will end up with. So we added a touch to the normal “Art Auction”. We made a new concept - we auctioned “future art”. People were actually bidding on art that was not painted yet. They only knew who the artist was. And it had to be painted directly on a wall of their choice. We made two main categories: graffiti and stencils. The graffiti we divided into two groups based on m2 and each had a budget for paint.

And it worked!

It was awesome. People were bidding. Then after the auction we went around and painted art on people’s walls be it offices or private homes.

The warehouse is where we operated from. And off course we made our marks on the inside.

Huge shout to Edvard Ravnanger and Ravnanger Gruppen AS for providing us with a place to stay
... and paint

Solveig Wiik from the municipality was the one and only bringing it all together.

Participating artists were: 10.Dig, 620, 9Tram, Bly, Canevil, Dr.Aw, EB Kunst, Gatefant, k.m.r.k.k, KBR, Lise, Miko, Mr. Adolfito, Nicky Nahafahik, NSER, Otex, Ounser, Pyritt, Riet, StreetArt Bergen, Siwe and Tokig

Lyngneset 20, 5302 Strusshamn, Norge
Hunted by Øistein Jakobsen.
Pictures by Øistein Jakobsen.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon EOS 5D Mark IV
Marker typehall_of_fame