On a side wall of the church, on Rua Nova do Desterro, anyone passing by will gain a new lease of life, or at least stop to momentarily observe the new work of urban art under the seal of GAU and in partnership with the Parish Council of Arroios. 
Mariana Duarte Santos , used to working with oil painting, drawing, engraving and more recently mural painting, is the author of the work based on the work of the famous Portuguese photographer Artur Pastor, one of the great names of Portuguese photography in the 20th century . 
The photograph by Artur Pastor that served as inspiration for the artist is in the Lisbon Municipal Archive – which has included this photographer’s background in its collection since 2011 – and portrays a grocer from a traditional store that once existed in this area of ​​the parish, in the 1990s. 50, "reminding everyone who spends there of people's lives, the uses and traditions, as well as the memories of people who once existed", can be read in a publication by the Parish Council of Arroios .

Created on March 1, 2021
R. Nova do Desterro 5 3, 1150-241 Lisboa, Portugal
Hunted by Tim.

Marker details

Camera usedOnePlus 10 Pro
Date created2021-03-01T00:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork