The artwork pays homage to the mythological figure of Partenope, and it is intended to convey a message of optimism to the Neapolitan people. It tells the story of the dying princess's arrival in the gulf, resting on the water, as Naples. There is death and life in this work: the burial rite and the Neapolitan soul that will be born from it. The feathers refer to the myth. 
Andrea Sposari, aka SPOS, is a Sicilian street artist born in 1992. He starts his adventure at the age of 14, like everyone else illegally, and in a cartoon manner, until he achieves his current surrealist form. He works on projects in Sicily, as well as Calabria, Lombardy, Liguria, and England, and was invited to represent Italy at the Techfest in Bombay. In recent years, he has taken part in various festivals, created an itinerant street art project that tours the world, worked for Linea Blu, Enel, and international DJs Giol and Assia, and developed Sicily's first FIBA-recognized creative playground. 
Created on February 1, 2023
Via Astolelle II Traversa, 98, 80045 Pompei NA, Italia

Hunted by Estera Balintfi - Pompei Street Festival. Pictures by KAOS48.