In January 2019, some of the worlds best street artists transformed some grey city walls into colourful masterpieces as part of the Street Prints Manaia, International Art Festival. 15 incredible murals based on the theme “Tui ate muka Tangata – Weaving the Thread of Humanity”. 

"Selenaia" is the work of self-taught Irish artist Fin Dac (Finbarr Notte). His work has focused on portraying women, particularly in ethnic costumes and wearing mysterious masks. "Selenaia" is a portmanteau of Selena (the model's name) and Manaia (from the Street Prints Manaia festival).
 Fin says "'Selenaia' was my take on the Street Prints Manaia theme 'weaving the threads of humanity'. A split image highlighting the dual ethnicity of model Selena Bellingham. Her clothing and adornments reflect both her Maori and Filipino heritage as well as the attributes associated with them." 

Working to a theme of ‘Weaving the Threads of Humanity’ Fin chose to depict a model/ muse of dual ethnicity/ heritage: Maori and Filipino. The ‘spilt’ image shows traditional clothing from both sides as well as specific jewellery and adornments. Interesting fact: the Filipino dress is based on a photo of a dress that belonged to Imelda Marcos… socialite and wife of the Philippine president/ dictator Ferdinand Marcos 
Created on July 24, 2023
10 Hannah Street, Whangārei 0110, New Zealand
Hunted by Keren Harris.
Pictures by Keren Harris.

Marker details

Camera usedSamsung SM-G991B
Marker typeartwork
CountryNew Zealand