Addictz Graffitipark - 1

In August 2012 the Graffitipark opened. The administration of Mannheim made the area between castle and river available for legal spraying. There are  some rules for spraying though: every spraying needs to be notified in advance; spraying until 22 pm;  need to dispose the own trash; a member of ADDICTZ e.V. needs to be present to document the pictures. Each spraying not keeping the rules is considered illegal.

Each year in the park is held the MYTYPE Graffiti Jam session. Click here for a video with the highlights of 2017.

The name of the artist referes to the first picture posted here. I upload a few more pictures of the surroundings to give you an impression of the diversity.
Created on December 27, 2017Removed
B36, 68159 Mannheim, Deutschland
Hunted by Isabel Torres.
Pictures by Isabel Torres.

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