The diva of Portuguese song, Simone de Oliveira, immortalized on a blind wall, with her face the height of a building in Alvalade.
A familiar face for the artist André Mano, Simone is his grandmother and it was he who designed the poster for the singer's farewell concert on the 29th of March. The same design that adorned the apartment where Portuguese architect and graffiti artist André Mano lived, in Luxembourg. A portrait on several walls with the power to blur the distance between the two.

The countless windows of the skyline of buildings that frame Simone de Oliveira's face, with the unfailing cigarette between his fingers.
The drawing marks one of the traits of the graffiti artist 's work , an urban art where the fluidity of the music is a duet with the rigidity of the concrete.

“Basically, it is the combination of my passion for hip hop , graffiti and architecture”, explains André Mano, who usually inserts the lyrics of his favorite singers between the buildings, as in a coded message.
Concrete poetry stamped on walls in Lisbon and other cities he visited and which can be seen on the artist's Instagram profile at @mano.jmk

The mural also hides his messages. On the left side of the singer's face, her name, "Simone", can be read from top to bottom and, on the right side, the phrase "Yes, it's me".  

Reading, however, is not easy, but seen as an enigma to be deciphered, it makes contemplating the painting even more interesting.

Easier are the directly written messages, printed on the posters and billboards on the buildings painted on the wall. On them can be read “Woman”, “Daughter”, “Mother”, a memory to the singer's companion, actor Varela Silva, and also to the great successes of the singer, Desfolhada and Sol de Novembro .
Created on May 17, 2022
R. António Patrício 1, 1700 Lisboa, Portugal
Hunted by Tim.

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Camera usedOnePlus 10 Pro
Date created2022-05-17T23:00:00.000Z
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