Mother Nature

The mural 'Mother Nature' celebrates the abundance and resilience of Nature, dreaming of a lost symbiosis with humans as we are part of it after all.

The mural design is inspired by its location with themes focusing on the surroundings of the creek corridor. It depicts the diverse local flora and fauna including gum flowers, wattles, birds such as cockatoos and ibis as well as more discreet elements like fungi. The chosen colour palette is also inspired by the local landscape following natural tones and shades of leaves, flowers and soil. With a character surrounded by plants and playing with birds, the artwork tends to celebrate nature in all its glory echoing an environmentally friendly attitude.

Created on August 8, 2023
Shop 3/29 Fawkner St, Westmeadows VIC 3049, Australia
Hunted by Virusfreak79.
Pictures by @haysomandrew.

Marker details

OrganizationHume City Council
Marker typeartwork