Representing different cultures and the value of protecting both biodiversity and cultural diversity.
The work incorporates the image of a gramophone (a vintage record player), triggering memories of people connecting through music around the world. A big wave of abstract paint pours out of the gramophone giving life to flowers and birds from different parts of the world. Birds and insects fly out, representing migration and movement around the globe.
The mural’s message is that music and creative expressions are the guardians of memory, cultural heritage and the very channel of connection between humans.

Art by @mike.makatron @katherine_gailer_art @conrad_bizjak @jackrowlandart 
Created on August 6, 2023
16-18 E Esplanade, St Albans VIC 3021, Australia
Hunted by Virusfreak79.
Pictures by @virusfreak79 @streetartmelbourneandbeyond.

Marker details

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