“This mural seeks to establish a dialogue with the viewer, aiming to be a doorway to various questions about the times in which we live. Modernity has filled society with useless values that are hollow and empty, the speed with which we consume information, and then discard it today is unprecedented in the history of our humanity. New technologies have given us the ability to have instant communication and an unlimited information network, but they have also produced isolation, loneliness, and selfishness. 
With this work, I would like to make people reflect and revise the values that have shaped our society, and return to the ideals proposed by the Renaissance, of beauty, knowledge, reason, spirituality, and renewal in the sciences, both natural and human. It is necessary to rediscover rationality and consciousness from beauty, which has significance in itself rather than in its function or value, from the ideal of knowledge by illumination rather than domination, reconciling the past with the present, and moving toward a second Renaissance. 
Are we prepared for a new Renaissance?” – Mr.Garek 

An urban artist since 2008 in Caracas-Venezuela, Mr.Garek graduated in 2013 from the design institute Caracas, he works as an illustrator, designer, and 2D and 3D animator. Throughout his career as an urban artist, he has taken part in several international festivals in countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, and Colombia, including the Meeting of Styles, Styles Street, Atacart Cucuta Festival of the North Brave Sons, Killart, Graficalia, and others. In 2015, he was the curator of an art festival in Venezuela, bringing together 120 national and international artists. In 2016, he was featured in the book ‘Latino Colors’, a publication of the University of Palermo, Argentina, of the finest Latin American illustrators. Since 2014, he has completed large-scale intervention projects, the most recent being a 225-square-meter mural in Medellin and a 350-square-meter painting in Bogota. 
Created on February 1, 2023
Via Astolelle II Traversa, 6, 80045 Pompei NA, Italia

Hunted by Estera Balintfi - Pompei Street Festival. Pictures by KAOS48.