“Blind Reflexes”

“Throughout our lives, we always have a mirror nearby. I don't know any other animal that needs something like that. Do we need to check every day to see if we continue to inhabit the same body?” – Wedo 
Wedo is a Spanish artist who graduated with honors from the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 2017. He also studied engraving and illustration in the art schools of Ramón Falcón in Lugo, Spain, and Pablo Picasso in A Corua, Spain. Since 2019, the Poblenou Urban District in Barcelona has represented the artist. He has taken part in various national and international Urban Art Festivals. His realistic approach blends impressionism and modern painting in a large format, providing a theme that aims to highlight current social problems. 
Created on February 1, 2023
Via Lepanto Traversa Campo Sportivo, 2, 80045 Pompei NA, Italia
Hunted by Estera Balintfi - Pompei Street Festival.
Pictures by KAOS48.

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone 13 Pro
Marker typeartwork