The Tunnel at Møhlenpris

 The Tunnel at Møhlenpris

This is a closed of area. When we visited last time there was no sign with No Entry. Thereby it was not illegal to enter. But be aware there might be a sign at the entrance. Then it is all your decision. Inside there is a long – extremely long tunnel going across the city. There is not an opening on the other end – so if you enter you have to return the same way you came in. There is no light inside so advise is that one brings a flashlight. AND there is no phone signal inside the tunnel. So once inside you are on your own. So by law we advise you not to enter. 

There is history on the walls dating back to last century or so. Several big names are on the walls as well as a few not so known. The walls are decorated with writing and characters. Most crews over time have been here. Most if not all are kings. So toys are advised to keep their cans in their bags.

O. J. Brochs gate 8, 5006 Bergen, Norge
Hunted by Øistein Jakobsen.
Pictures by Øistein Jakobsen.

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