The Continuing Journey

This mural that is situated on the Post Office Wall at the Rosanna Village Shopping Centre was unveiled on 6th April 2009. It was a gift to the Banyule Community from the Sardinian Cultural Association and was funded by the autonomous government of Sardinia. The mural was a joint collaboration between Banyule City Council, Sardinian Cultural Association of Victoria, the Italian Institue of Culture in Melbourne, Mia Mia Aboriginal Art Gallery and the Rosanna Traders Association.

World renowned muralist Giorgio Polo began work on March 17 2009 and was assisted by 40 students from Marcellin College (Bulleen) and many other volunteers.

The mural evokes themes of immigration, the land and new generation. The mural also contains an indigenous element recognising the original inhabitants of Australia. The mural presents a visual journey (left to right) representing the dawn of creation, where we find a commonality between nations and a raising of conciousness of being, all "under the same sky" and finally the world where we can all blend in harmony.

Created on April 5, 2009
101 Lower Plenty Rd, Rosanna VIC 3084, Australia
Hunted by Andrew Haysom.

Marker details

Date created2009-04-05T14:00:00.000Z
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