The Alapinta Crew, which brings together young artists Maher and Aner, respectively from Temuco and Villarrica, testifies to the vitality of a Chilean graffiti present in Mapuche lands. 
Although few urban artists work in this area, the works that are born there are received very positively by the population, because they bear in particular the memory of the space they occupy. For Maher and Aner, graffiti is the way to reaffirm a proper identity in a globalized world that cultural uniformity threatens. Thus, the recent realization of an important fresco in the municipality of Villarrica began with the collection of a collective memory by collecting the testimonies of its inhabitants, of all ages and all professions. In December 2011, and in the margins of the exhibition Paraíso Urbano on Chilean graffiti at the Itinerrance gallery, the two comparses were able to export their work on one of the walls of the 13th arrondissement, thus expressing and sharing their vision of the relationship between Man and the Nature that surrounds him. 
Fresco realized in December 2011  Curated by Itinerrance Gallerie Paris 
Created on January 1, 1970
50 Rue Jeanne d'Arc, Paris, France
Pictures by Noel Perez .

Marker details

Camera usedPanasonic DMC-TZ60
Date created1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork