The Lore and The Law

Stunning wall in Melbourne's legal precinct by Kaffeine, who says of the work

"The Supreme Court of Victoria’s unicorn is a symbol of colonial power & control, & the Westminster system of law. The kangaroo symbolises First Nations Australians’ complex systems of lore, which continue to this day. It felt surreal & special to be supported to paint about the ongoing battle between two legal systems, right in the middle of Melbourne’s legal precinct. 

I don’t have the answers as to how the country is going to fix our colonial wrongs, or the devastating legacy of the Frontier Wars, illegal occupation & dispossession; but I do know that we have to keep asking the questions, & placing them in the minds of those with the power to change law & policy.

I encourage law & policy makers, & the public to think about this battle as they pass my mural at 540 Little Bourke st. I hope that when the mural’s gold chrome paint reflects flashes of sunlight into surrounding offices & skyscrapers, the occupants pause to consider the meaning of the mural. 

There are many public depictions of the Imperial unciorn in the legal precinct; I’m stoked that mine now joins the herd."

Created on August 26, 2023
540 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hunted by Andrew Haysom.

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